Icaro Ceremony with Maestro Christian

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Get access now to a magical, 2 hour ceremony of Icaros with Maestro Christian.

Purification Dieta- Ceremony inside the Blue Morpho Academy Lodge

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For the first time in his 10+ year career, over two hours of Maestro Christian’s Icaros have been recorded and produced in this traditional Amazonian-style shamanic ceremony.Blue Morpho Academy Shamanic Art Shaman of the Stars Psychedelic Coaching.An 8 year U.S. Military Veteran, Maestro Christian has trained full time in the consciousness arts since 2010.

Most notably, in 2014 he completed an arduous apprenticeship in Amazonian Shamanism under the direct tutelage of Hamilton Souther.Upon completion of his apprenticeship at the end of 2014, he was given the title Maestro Medico Vegetalista or Master Shaman.Maestro Christian has completed over 40 traditional Amazonian dietas and has held space for others in more than 1,500 ceremonies with sacred plants of many different varieties.

His Medicine Icaros are highly regarded by thousands of people from around the world and are testament to his dedication and discipline over the years.

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