Triniti Inner Cleansing Tea

Blue Morpho Retreats is proud to announce our new line of shamanically charged teas and purifying sprays in development.
Our first product, “Triniti Cleansing Tea” is now available on Amazon!
In modern society, we live in a toxic environment tainted with pollution and a myriad of products that are just not good for us.
Triniti Cleansing Tea is our new proprietary blend of select ingredients designed to support you in flushing your body of built up toxins.
Our tea supports your body’s innate ability to heal and flush unwanted chemicals from your system.
Triniti Teas are made by hand in small batches and Shamanically Blessed by Maestros Hamilton and Christian to activate the full potential of your plant cleanse.
Our tea is a great accompaniment to any diet, cleanse or fast.

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