Blue Morpho Academy

1. Mystery School

Unlock your full potential and tap into ancient wisdom with Hamilton Souther, Master Plant Medicine Shaman. You will receive expert guidance and training in the use of plant medicines to accelerate personal growth and transformation. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to elevate your life, relationships, business or coaching practice.

Join the revolution in mental health and personal development by becoming a BMA certified sitter, coach, facilitator or master facilitator. Learn to safely guide individuals through powerful plant medicine experiences. Help them find healing, insight and growth. Get started today and make a meaningful impact in people’s lives.

Elevate your consciousness and transform your life with our elite plant medicine trainings. Experience the power of plant medicines in a 100% legal and safe location, surrounded by nature and BMA master facilitators. Discover new perspectives, connect with your true self, and return home with a renewed sense of purpose. Book now.

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Blue Morpho Academy Explained

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AWAKENING Elite Practitioners

Blue Morpho Academy

Learn and master the ancient wisdom of psychedelic plant medicines with Blue Morpho Academy Mystery School.

Led by founder Hamilton Souther, who has used these medicines to help top athletes, leaders, and entrepreneurs reach new levels of success, you too can tap into the power of visionary plants and achieve your full potential.

As the world’s first standardized training and certification program for plant medicine sitters, coaches, facilitators and master facilitators, we are dedicated to providing safe and professional guidance for individuals seeking to enhance their personal and professional lives.


Join the ranks of highly trained and certified plant medicine coaches with Blue Morpho Academy. With 12,000+ successful clients over a 20 year proven track record, Hamilton Souther brings his expertise to you.

Get the knowledge and practical skills you need to safely and legally incorporate plant medicines into your coaching and facilitation practice.

Differentiate yourself from others in the industry with a recognized accreditation of your skills and knowledge. Up-level your practice and make a lasting impact on your clients as a BMA certified sitter, coach, facilitator or master facilitator.

How it Works

Blue Morpho Academy

There are 3 levels of training that we provide to those seeking Plant Medicine expertise.

  • Mystery School

    Take your studies to the next level with Mystery School. Led by Hamilton Souther, get the mentorship you need. Through weekly lectures and community ceremonies discover a deeper understanding of plant medicine exploration. Become a member of our exclusive community. Grow your network, expand your practice, and connect with like-minded individuals in this supportive learning environment.

  • Certification Courses

    Start your journey to becoming a certified plant medicine sitter and coach with the convenience and flexibility of self-paced video trainings. These pre-recorded modules offer a strong foundation of knowledge and are available to you at any time. With core certifications included, you'll have the training you need to provide safe and effective guidance to your clients.

  • Elite Retreats

    Learn from master facilitators and refine your skills through hands-on training and practice. Gain access to expert-level techniques only taught during these elite training retreats. Earn additional certifications as you progress. Elevate your practice with the knowledge to safely guide your clients with Ayahuasca, Huachuma, Psilocybin and Cannabis.

keys to life's success

by Hamilton Souther

Step into the expert guidance of Hamilton Souther, founder and master practitioner of Blue Morpho Academy. With decades of personal growth and a successful track record of teaching thousands, Hamilton’s unique skills and experience make him the ideal Master Facilitator (Master Medico Vegetalista) for your training. 

Building a supportive network of people who share your values and ambitions is a key factor to your success.

Discovering your purpose and pursuing it with passion is a crucial factor in leading a successful life.

Full commitment is key to achieving mastery. Take action, stay focused, and see your dreams become a reality.

Accelerate your success with the right mentor. Learn from their experience and expertise, and benefit from their wisdom and support.

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What You Get From Blue Morpho Academy


Learn the best techniques and most important skills of plant medicine practices.


Become a plant medicine expert. Guide and support your clients to achieve their greatest success.


Our elite training programs include extensive knowledge about how to safely use medicinal plants and stay protected. Knowledge you won't get anywhere else.


Learn the skills to be an elite coach. Study the proper ethics and codes of conduct to ensure the most professional service.

A Business

Build your business as a coach. We will help you develop a strategy to expand your business and increase your income.


Get the certifications you need to be an elite plant medicine coach and differentiate yourself from the others.

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Four Areas For Success

Access your full potential by focusing on the four crucial areas of life. With Hamilton’s teachings and practices, you’ll learn how to impact these areas and help others do the same. During certification at Blue Morpho Academy, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge necessary impact these areas of your client’s own lives.



Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual



With Self, family, friends, community and society



With Source and Spirit


Inner Mission

Life Purpose, Finances, Impact and Legacy


Our Clients In Their Own Words

A small taste of the reviews that past clients have left about Hamilton and his practices.

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