Mystery School

Unlock the Magic Within

What is Mystery School?

Have plant medicines and psychedelics had a profound impact on your life? Do you want a master teacher and mentor to guide you through visionary practices like psychedelics, plant medicine, breathwork, and rites of passage? Do you want to know more about your spiritual experiences? If so, you’re not alone.

At the Mystery School, we believe that the mystical and magical are real, and we invite you to join our exclusive membership community created by the renowned Maestro Hamilton. Here, you’ll receive mentorship and  connect with like-minded individuals who share your thirst for a deeper understanding of plant medicine and psychedelic experiences.

Our community is built on a foundation of camaraderie, curiosity and exploration

Maestro Hamilton, with his extensive experience in guiding over 3,000 plant medicine ceremonies and working with more than 10,000 participants, understands that the journey doesn’t end with breathtaking visions. Often, participants yearn for deeper understanding and meaning behind their experiences.

But the Mystery School offers more than just a glimpse into the majesty of plant medicine ceremonies; it provides the tools and wisdom to decipher the lessons that ceremony seeks to convey. Join us on this extraordinary voyage of self-discovery, where magic becomes a reality, dreams come to life, and the mysteries of the universe unfold before your eyes.


Simple Steps to Awakening


Sign up for Mystery School

Join weekly live online teaching sessions and Q&A with Maestro Hamilton



Gain access to Mystery School recorded content, ceremonies and tools

Each week, be part of a group intention to explore a universal mystery



Participate in a solo session or group ceremony with your cohort

Perform your solo session or group ceremony with your cohort in-person or via livestream



Bring your learnings back to the larger group and share the knowledge and experiences

Gather for Elite Mystery School events and retreats


What you receive?

How long does it take?

Who is this for?

This IS For You If:

This Is NOT For You If:

What This Program Takes

The special and unique opportunity of Mystery School requires a desire to learn and explore. 


Alongside our weekly one-hour live Zoom calls, it's essential to allocate time for a minimum of one visionary experience per week, which could include psychedelic journeys, plant medicine ceremonies, or immersive breathwork sessions.


The essence of the Mystery School is to delve into the enigmas of the universe. To unlock new knowledge, curiosity is your compass, and a willingness to challenge your current understanding is your key.

Active Participation

Every week, you'll engage in a ceremonial experience guided by the intention set during our weekly meeting. It's through the collective participation of the group that we foster learning and collective growth.

Group Mindset

Mystery School is designed for collaborative investigation within an exclusive, like-minded cohort. We are the exclusive community you've been searching for.


Outcomes From Mystery School

Mystery School is a completely new and unique take on ancient wisdom. In this program you will explore the universe through psychedelic and plant medicine ceremonies with a group of like-minded souls investigating the Mysteries of our consciousness .
Hamilton Souther